Terms and Conditions

This Employment Agreement is entered into at the date and time upon which you submit payment through the online payment button at MoWillsOnline.com.

MoWillsOnline.com is a service of Barnes & Associates, a Missouri law firm with offices at 219 East Dunklin Street, Suite A, Jefferson City, Missouri 65101.

By making payment on this site, you agree to provide all necessary and accurate information for MoWillsOnline / Barnes & Associates to create the estate planning document for which you have made payment.

You also agree and understand that creation of your estate plan will require additional actions on your own part. For example, you will need to contact financial institution(s) with which you hold accounts to inform them of your plan.

You agree and understand that, if certain conditions exist, additional payment may be necessary to finish your estate plan. For example, if you have over $1 million in assets to your name, your estate plan will require additional information and result in extra charges. However, you will not be charged any additional fee without your prior affirmative consent. Further, if, upon discussing your situation with attorneys at Barnes & Associates, it is determined that extra charges are necessary to complete your plan, you will have the opportunity to request a refund of this initial payment.